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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feed changes

Hello all. Hopefully this doesn't cause any problems but I had to stop using this Blog as being the feed for feedburner. It is feedburner that strips this blog down and sends the audio files to iTunes.

The problem is that as the posts are archived and removed from the front page, they also disappear from the feed, thus those episodes stop showing up in iTunes.

Thanks to the assistance from Brian at The Frank Truth, I was able to create a new RSS feed separately from this blog to feed the shows into Feedburner.

You should not have to resubscribe to Behind The Bar Show, but my first test after changing the RSS feed caused multiple show entries to pop up into my iTunes. In case you see this, this is why. If you'd like to clear that up, just unsubscribe and resubscribe to the show.

This also doesn't mean I'm going to stop using this blog. I'll continue to post the shows here as well and the recipes mentioned.

The RSS feed changes are just to ensure that all of the episodes stay listed on iTunes no matter what happens with this Blog.

Thanks to all for hanging in there during these growing pains.

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