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Friday, March 03, 2006

CORRECTION: Tequila Episode

Thank you to Duff for correcting me on this. I actually said on my tequila show that the "To Kill a Mockingbird" book was written in 1988. Where in the world did that year come from. It was actually published in 1960. Kind of hard to publish a book in 1960 that wasn't written until 1988. My bad!

I'm blaming the tequila shots I had before recording. :) Better yet, it was that kamikaze shot I did on the air for Ian. (just kidding)

Thanks to all who keep my facts in check.



tdkme said...

yeah but those shots were worth it. i could tell you enhoyed doing them. So cheers to people helping you out, and another toast to those who listen to have fun and drink!

Mr. Martini said...

Wait until you hear my brandy episode. I just recorded it last night since I'm off at a conference all this coming week. I'm going to post the brandy episode early, like tomorrow night.

I was out at the bars with friends and then came home, went through a few Sidecars to get into the brandy spirit and then recorded the show.

It might make the show fun but my grammar goes down the toilet. :)


ChaseNFold said...

You encouraged me to stock the bar again. I'm enjoying the show and trying to tell my friends.