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Monday, March 20, 2006

Episode 010 - Home Bar Part One

Well I'm afraid there are no recipes to go over in this episode. This time we're discussing glassware and bar tools.

I worked out all the details I wanted to talk about for setting up a home bar and realized it was just way too much information to fit into one show so this is only "part one" with "part two" being next week.



tdkme said...

This is the first of two shows i have been waiting for! I have been planning on buying supplies, so now I can make out a shopping list in two weeks after part two is released!

tdkme said...

Ok so now I listned to the 10th episode. Thanks for playing my message! Sorry to run on, but you did cover almost all of my questions, but will cover the rest in part two! This is the best yet. I also went to a website where i am buying supplies and added some addtional items you mentioned in the show! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Make A Perfect Cocktail Ice Cube

1 Liter of bottled water (evian)
10 cocktail plastic cups (clear / 9oz)

-pour water equally into 10 cups. place cups in freezer. take cups out, and turn on kitchen sink facet (hot). rotate bottom portion of cup to hot running water, this seperates the ice from the plastic cup (let no water touch ice, use outside of cup). when heat seperates ice from cup, place ice in large tupperware tray. there you go, a perfect cocktail ice cube. -adamjgonzales@hotmail.com

Te said...

Outstanding episode! I look forward to having a proper bar once we move into a house one of these days so I'm saving this (an all of the past episodes) for future reference.

Thanks for all of your hard work.