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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Episode 011 - Home Bar Part Two

This episode is full of listener feedback. I just had so many messages to respond to that it filled the entire 1st half of the show. This was good because the amount of information I had to go over for finishing a home bar wasn't that much. I hope you enjoy what information I did give.

I also bring up a recipe called the Vic Damone, which was given to me by a fellow listener named Jeff. Here's the recipe:

1 part Stoli Orange
1 part Sour mix
1 part Cointreau
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an orange wheel.


Danoots said...

Great podcast... enjoy listening to you on the subway ride into work. Thought I'd share the bar I found, that is perfect for a New York apartment:
Trumbull Bar Cabinet

Yes, it's from Martha Stewart (quit the wise cracking). But it holds a lot of bottles (with some slight modification), is well lit, and even provides a cutting surface. Also, when closed, you can't tell it's a bar at all, which may or may not be a good thing...

Capegirl said...

I am so enjoying your podcast. I just wanted to add a thought about garnishing. I love creating martinis with different flavors. Mostly I love my cranberry sake martini. My favortie thing to do with a martini is the add a garnish. I always save things to garnish my martinis with. Cranberries are my favorite. I freeze a handful and add one to float on top of any cocktail I add cranberry juice to like a Cosmo. Fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries I use in any recipe- I hide a few away and freeze for future use in my drinks. I also have used small wild flowers, herbs and plants- but some probably aren't edible...not always safe (garnish at your own risk). I like small johnny Jump-Ups, clovers, mint, watercress, lavender, violets or other small delicate flowers. It adds a nice touch and makes a drink extra special.
I am working on my martini glass collection. The staff at Pier 1 think I am a bit strange.

Boris said...

nice work with podcast! comment about vodka and why good kinds should not be kept in the freezer: more expensive vodkas, especially russian, are using natural flavor additions in order to smooth them out. Commonly these are honey, watermelon juice, cucamber juice, etc. Keeping it in the freezer breaks these subsgtances down and flavor of the vodka changes.

Marc Weaver said...

One of my favorite rums is Goslings Black Seal rum and I find this rum has more flavor than the typical Bacardi rums. I recommend trying this rum at least once. This rum is from Bermuda and can be found on the east coast of the US. A simple Rum and coke is a great drink, commonly called a 'black and coke'.

Enjoy the show,

Mr. Martini said...

Check out all these awesome comments... chocked full of great information.

I must have some of the coolest listeners.

Danoots, I love the cabinet. Capegirl, garnishes rock! It's what truly makes a great cocktail into liquid art in a glass.

Boris, na zdorovia!

Mark, thanks for rum brand comment. I'll have to get a bottle.


tdkme said...

Awesome tidbits of info. i like the idea of different martini's!

This show does rock!