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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Episode 035 - Bitters

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This episode I give a brief history lesson on Cinco de Mayo, put out a request to all professional bartenders for their "tips for a new bartender" as well as bartending stories and go into Angostura, Peychaud's and orange bitters.

Here's a little insider information on this show (for all my listeners who take advantage of reading my blog as well): Listen carefully to this show and you can tell where I had to keep stopping the recording and restarting it. I prefer doing the show as one long recording but unfortunately right outside the window of my sound studio is construction going on. This must have been one of the most annoying shows I had to record. Not because I didn't like doing the show but because every time I got going a freakin' jack hammer would go crazy outside my window causing me to have to stop the recording. (sigh) I'm so glad this one is done. Hopefully the contruction will be will be completed by the time I record my next show.


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