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Saturday, November 24, 2007

San Francisco Trader Vic's

San Francisco Trader Vic's
Originally uploaded by Mr_Martini.

I just want to post a big THANK YOU to Herbert, the wonderfully knowledgeable waiter, and to Danielle, the bartender, at Trader Vic's in San Francisco for the exquisite service and incredible information on not only the history of Trader Vic's but also the "technique" on how to shake the perfect Mai Tai.

Attached is a picture of the bar in San Francisco Trader Vic's. I'll be coming back not as a dinner patron, but as a bar patron to gain more information on their procedures at the bar. The food was good but what stood out most for me were the fantastic drinks with all their fresh ingredients.


FreeHollowBooks said...

What a tease. I saw the update on the site and thought there was an episode : o

Mr. Martini said...


Sorry about that. I've been working on a video episode and now I'm considering putting together a tiki episode so I have to have on of those ready soon.

I'm currently working on putting together a Holiday Cocktail Party but will get back to the show as soon as I can.


Jamie said...

I heard that the San Francisco Trader Vic's was no more... what a sad state of affairs.

The common complaint among the tiki crowd is that Trader Vic's is selling out - removing a lot of the tiki flavor that made them famous and turning into just another bar, albeit one with good drinks. I would imagine that could be one reason they're having to scale back, personally. If they don't have an identity, there's no reason to go there!


Mr. Martini said...

Yes, Trader Vic's did close its doors in San Francisco. They still have restaurants all over but ours is no more.

I was actually working on doing a tiki episode that was going to focus on Trader Vic's and was talking to the bartenders here. Unfortunately, I had to put that episode on hold as I change my episode outline. This was actually supposed to be before my "sake" episode.

I'll mention this in my next episode but I do feel Trader Vic's lost a lot when they started pushing their mixes. Their bars now make their drinks using their mixes. I found it interesting the bartenders that worked at this SF Trader Vic's told me they make their Mai Tai's with the mix but only at SF will they make you one from scratch if you specifically ask. Sheesh!