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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KAI Vodka

I've recently been introduced to a new product called KAI - two products really: KAI Original Vodka and KAI Lychee Vodka.

What makes KAI different enough to make me want to mention it? KAI is distilled in northern Vietname from yellow blossom rice. This difference shines through in the taste because it carries with it the natural sweetness of the yellow blossom rice along with floral notes and hints of spice, vanilla and tropical aromas.

KAI Lychee Vodka is currently the only vodka I know of infused with Lychee. It's flavor is definitely sweet and has a very smooth lychee flavor and smells like a perfume with notes of sweet spice, rose and honey.

KAI is currently only in my home state of California, Hawaii, Arizona and Nevada but should be expanding into Florida, Illinois, Georgia and New Mexico in the coming months.

Now you all know me as someone who really enjoys the classic drinks along with their history but what you must also know is that I'm extremely excited at all these new spirits hitting the market; spirits that were around before prohibition and are now being reborn and completely new spirits just hitting the market. I'm excited about the new spirits because with these new flavors and products brings with it the ability for cocktail enthusiasts around the world to start playing with them and create new drink recipes never seen before. It's fantastic that the classics are coming back in full force but it is also important to bring forth a new generation of cocktails to ensure a never ending array of flavors and beverages to move us on into the future.

Viva la cocktail!


Anonymous said...

Kai lychee is great and bartenders in Vegas are doing interesting things with it. My fave has been Kai with Rockstar guava (and I usually hate energy drinks) with cranberry and a squeeze of lime.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE KAI!!! I had it while on vacation in Hawaii this summer and have been hooked on it ever since. My favorite cocktail is the Kai Lychee Lemon Drop, sooo simple yet sooo good. Love your show Mr. Martini!! Cheers!

BkfstDinnerMan said...

show show show !!!!!