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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Episode 054 - Obsello Absinthe

Hello again everyone. This episode has definitely jumped to the top of my list as my favorite episode. It was so much fun doing this one. Yes, I've already done an episode on Absinthe (episode 009 - Absinthe) but I'm doing another. Why not? Absinthe is now legally being sold in the US and I'm happy to do my part to break the myths about this wonderful spirit as well as to talk about a brand that I really do enjoy.

I receive email all the time from PR reps pushing information on their client’s products. The majority of the time it's an email that's obviously just a generic message talking up a spirit with usually really bad recipes added and pictures. I delete those pretty quickly. Then there's the email I'll receive from a PR rep that starts off on a personal level saying how much they love my show and then they advertise their client’s . What’s wrong with that? It’s when they start the email with, “Hello Greg.” Who's Greg? How can you really enjoy my show if you think my name is Greg? Yes, this really happened. Anyway, every now and then I get contacted by a PR rep who really does their homework and that's what happened here. (Hello Olivia!) I started an email conversation with this person and they asked if they could send me a sample of Obsello Absinthe. Who am I to turn down free alcohol? Well this wouldn't be the first time I've received free samples and I can definitely tell you I don't post about every single one of them. There's been a few that I've opened, tasted and then poured down the drain. Anyway, Obsello really got me. Now this is an absinthe I'd put my name behind! For that reason, I ended up getting in contact with the distiller of Obsello and we scheduled a phone interview. This episode is the outcome of that interview.

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In this episode, I give a shout out to all the wonderful listeners who have linked up with me on Facebook, give a great absinthe quote from Oscar Wilde and then play the interview with B. Alex from Obsello Absinthe.

We also briefly mention a gin made by Esmeralda Distillery called Port of Barcelona Gin.

Be sure to listen all the way to the end where I give the recipes of two of the drinks B. Alex mentions during the interview.

For those who like pictures, here are a few I've taken using Obsello to show off the wonderful verte color and the louche. What is louche? If you're asking that question then you obviously didn't listen to my Episode 009 - Absinthe show. I'd start there first and then listen to this one.

This picture shows the natural color of Obsello Absinthe. Notice it isn't neon green? Do you think a neon color is natural? No. This color comes naturally from the herb's chlorophyll during the final masuration process.

This image shows the the louching affect as the ice water drips into the absinthe. Notice the oils coming out of solution and clouding the absinthe while a thin film floats on top.

And here it is ready to drink. Okay, it's a bit much. These pictures come from the first time I tried it and I quickly realized that Obsello is such a smooth, refreshing absinthe that I can get away with a lot less water. I'm used to making an absinthe drip with another brand that works best at 1 part absinthe, 4 parts water but I now like to use Obsello as 1 part absinthe, 2 parts water. Anyways, this picture shows of that perfect milky color.

I also realize I'm not using real absinthe glasses. Instead I'm using Reidel glassware. Unfortunately, I've yet purchased a set of absinthe glasses. What are the best absinthe glasses? They are shaped perfectly for absinthe where they have a bulbous shape on the bottom to show you how much absinthe to add and then you fill the rest with the water.

Here is the perfect example:

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. Click on the images to download the full image. (Be warned. I left the images large so you can really see the detail.) Now what are you waiting for? Go listen to this episode!

Cheers everyone!

Tim Morrison (Mr. Martini)

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rocco said...

Loved the Show!
I have always been curious about Absinthe!

If you are every in Philly look us up!