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Friday, June 13, 2014

Episode 070 - Templeton Rye

Hello cocktail fans! Yes, it's only been a week since my last episode but I had to get this out there as quickly as possible as this is one of my most anticipated episodes and I'm so proud to have it recorded and completed for your enjoyment. Many of you know I love a good Sazerac and to make a good Sazerac, you need a good rye whiskey. Templeton Rye is hands down my absolute favorite brand of rye whiskey so when I had the opportunity to interview Keith Kerkhoff over the phone about this wonderful spirit, I jumped at the opportunity. This episode is the result of that interview.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it. You should have it shortly in iTunes or in your RSS Feed app soon OR you can click on the title of this blog post to start streaming it now from your computer.

If you haven't tried Templeton Rye yet, please do! Every whiskey drinker I've ever turned on to this spirit has fallen in love with it. It's incredibly smooth for a whiskey made with OVER 90% rye.

Don't forget to go check out their website at TEMPLETON RYE and get find even more incredible information on the history of this spirit. While there, sign up for the Bootlegger's Society.

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