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Friday, December 04, 2015

Episode 071 - Belgium and Germany

I have recently returned from an incredible trip drinking all over Belgium and Germany (and a night in Amsterdam) and have returned to create Episode 71, which is all about my drinking adventures during this trip. In case you don't subscribe to my podcast on iTunes and already have this episode, click on the title of this post and you'll access it. As promised in this episode, below are some fun pictures taken during my time abroad.

Well known brewery for Delirium Tremens. Best brewery tour ever due to our lovely tour guide, who  is a member of the Brotherhood of the Pink Elephant.

On this episode, I tell about a gathering in Brussels at the Mannekin Pis statue where they dressed up the "little boy peeing" in the robe of the Pink Elephant brotherhood and he was pissing Delirium Tremens all day. This is a photo of a photo of that day.

Hanging with friends enjoying cocktails at Stefan's home bar. What an amazing night!

Steak Tartare and Frites. I cannot believe I ate that much raw beef. Delicious!

Me and Jörg Meyer enjoying cocktails at Le Lion in Hamburg, Germany. A night to remember!

Belgian Waffles! Where have you been my whole life?

Jenever bottles lining the walls at this wonderful little Jenever bar.

Drinking ritual is to have the bartender pour your jenever direct from the bottle into a small shot glass until it overflows. Then you take that first sip by leaning down to the glass and sipping right off the top. No using your hands. You'll just spill more. After that first sip, then you can pick it up.

Watch out for bar cats! They like to watch you drink.

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