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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sound quality

Okay, I just had to post something about the sound quality of my show. I have no idea why I'm having so many problems. The rum episode had a horrible hiss in the background and now that I've just recorded my tequila episode last night, it has an even worse hiss. There' s not much I can do about it now so my apologies in advance.

If you promise to keep listening and focus on the content of the show, I'll promise to keep working on the sound.

This whole podcasting thing and audio stuff is completely new to me. I just placed an order for a high quality condenser microphone, pop filter and better wiring for the sound board output to the computer.

PHEW! I think I need a drink now.


tdkme said...

no worries bro! just release it and we will overlook it.... we are wanting it so bring it on! I keep checking to see when it has been released....

Mr. Martini said...

Thanks for the message. I post my shows every Tuesday night so it is available bright and early every Wednesday morning.