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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ice Cubes

So I received an email today asking if I have any idea on where to get ice trays that makes perfectly squared ice cubes. Well here you go...

May I recommend using distilled water as you want the ice to be as pure as possible. Any particles in the water or even too much air can cause cloudiness and will cause the ice cubes to crack easily. You want them to melt slowly. Also, if you have crystal clear ice cubes, they just look great in your glass.

Thank you JD for the email with this question.


C. Llyr Proctor said...

According to Martha Stewart, if you use hot water, even hot tap water (doesn't have to be boiling), you will get clear ice cubes. I have used this and it seems to work.

Mr. Martini said...

Ah, maybe I've just been too overly cautious. I'll have to try just heating my distilled water and see how that works. Thanks for the information.