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Friday, April 07, 2006

Longer music breaks... yea or nay?

You may have noticed I started using music from the Podsafe Music Network: http://music.podshow.com/.

Episode 11 had a full song and episode 12 had a portion of a song but was still around 2 minutes long unlike the normal breaks that were only around 30 seconds.

Here's my question... Do you like the breaks introducing a full song or do you like it cut down to less than 2 minutes? Maybe you want the breaks short and sweet (30 seconds) like they were or maybe you don't care at all.

Let me know. I'd like the feedback so I can ensure I'm tailoring the shows to be fully entertaining for the vast majority of my listeners.



wallace said...

i thought the full length song was too long. I'd say 30 second to 1.5 minutes would be best.

Nathaniel said...

me, i like the 30 sec breaks, 45 sec max.

Te said...

Stay with the shorter music unless you're going to use it as background for your actual show. It's you that I enjoy hearing.

Mr. Martini said...

Well I think that does it for me. Thank you for your comments. I'll continue to focus on always playing something different during the breaks just for the entertainment of it but will try to keep them under a minute... and as always, I'll be sure to put a famous quote or tip overlapping.


Mo Jito said...

If you get some cool free music sent to you, put it at the end of the show as "extra material" - those who don't care can just skip it.

C. Llyr Proctor said...

I agree on the short songs as well.