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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Episode 018 - Vacation Recording

Honestly, there really isn't any recipes to give on this week's show. This is a bonus recording taken on the Norwegian Star, which is the cruise ship I was on going to Alaska. Honestly, I was seriously drunk when I did this recording but I thought, what the hell, it'll be fun to share a really drunk experience with my listening audience.

So if you haven't heard it yet, click on the title of this post and get the mp3... or subscribe to my show on iTunes by looking up "Behind The Bar Show" in the podcast section. You are subscribed right? If not, you make sure you click on the PodCast Alley icon to the left and vote for my show every month, right? ;-)

Cheers everyone and I hope you enjoy this week's show. This time it's all for fun. Enjoy and I'll try to be sober next week when I plan on talking about my cocktail experiences during the trip.


tdkme said...

That was a funny show to listen to. I liked how you mentioned what was going to be in your shooter show. Then you told the bar tender how to make a french margarita! Sounded like your vacation was a good one! Greqat pics also on flickr!

C. Llyr Proctor said...

The one thing you didn't tell us was whether or not you liked the Swimming pool drink or not. If so, could you post the recipe. I got the equal parts vodka and tequila, the dash of blue curacao and the splash of sweet and sour, but how much pineapple juice?

Mr. Martini said...

Good catch. It's like our good mothers used to say, if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Honestly, I didn't like the swimming pool at all. It was just too sweet for me.

I showed up at the bar on the cruise at 11pm when it was supposed to be slow, this way I could get the whole interview in without too many interruptions. Instead, the place was packed and I ended up going through five martinis before it slowed enough for me to start this recording. In other words, I was sloshed as it is easy to tell in the recording.

By the time I got to this "swimming pool" it was just too much. The sugar in the blue curacao mixed with the pineapple flavor and tequila were not the best thing to drink after five martinis.

He never really did say how much pineapple juice to add. Since he spoke in parts for vodka and tequila, it is difficult to give ounces for the juice. It would have to be in parts as well. After he mentioned the vodka and tequila he then mentioned a "splash of" and then mentions the other three ingredients as if you just splash all three.

After watching him make it and having to guess the proportions, I'd probably say he did 1 1/2 oz vodka, 1 1/2 oz tequila, 1/8 oz blue curacao, 3/4 oz sweet & sour and 3/4 oz pineapple juice. Shake well with ice and then pour into a chilled cocktail glass.

Of course, I could be completely off. My memory of that night isn't too sharp, if you know what I mean.