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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hello everyone out there! Well I'm back from vacation and I had a WONDERFUL time. I'm completely exhausted and feel I need another vacation just to relax after this one. Anyway, I've got plenty of cocktail pictures from during my trip along with names and ingredients for each... expect to see those soon.

I also have a 41 minute recording of me speaking with Angel, the bartender at the Gatsby's Bar on the Norwegian Star as well as Chris the piano man. You can expect a full episode of just this recording as it is definitely hilarious. Let's just say I sat there and went through 5 martinis before I had the opportunity to start recording my "interview" with Angel. I was a bit sloshed. You can definitely tell I'm slurring my words. Hey, I was on a cruise ship. No need to drive so I'm drinkin'!

Let me give a quick shout out to some of the great people I met during my vacation: Robert Hess from DrinkBoy, Ben and Kacy from Zig Zag Cafe, Linda, Angel the bartender, and Raj and Jenn.

The next show will be shooters as promised and then I'll do a show on the recording taken in Gatsby's on the cruise and then after that will be a show on the cocktails and drinks I experienced while on vacation.

Mr. Martini


tdkme said...

Welcome Back Bro! We all have been craving a new episode! I am sure yo9u have tons of good drinks, along with some good stories! Glad to have you back in the lower 48!


Raj Tyree said...

Thanks for the shout out, I was really surprised when i went on to your site. All I did is googled and there you were. I will have to show Jenn when I get home, because im at work. Your site was really cool and im looking forward to checking it out in more depth when im at home because this computer sucks. It was great to meet you and Jason, Jenn and i really had a good time hanging out with you guys.

All the best,

Mr. Martini said...

Hey Raj and Jenn! Glad to hear you got back home safely. Hope your vacation was as great as it was for us. Also, I just fixed the spelling of your name in my post.

You two were a blast. Take care and let me know if you ever make it to San Francisco.