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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alcohol good for your heart?

Here's an interesting post from SF Gate:

Alcohol may help protect the heart Women benefit with far less intake than men, study says.

When reading it, please keep in mind a drink to them is only 1/2 an ounce (or 12 grams of ethanol).

In other words, this doesn't mean you can get sloshed every day. Also keep in mind the amount of calories in a cocktail.

My bottom line to this whole article is, alcohol, like many things in life, can be good for you... IN MODERATION!


Tony in San Diego said...

Dear Mr. Martini,

Duke University as well as a second major university did independent studies that were released sometime around 2003 or 2004. I remember being in college when these studies were released and I championed them because they both found that one to two drinks per day could decrease your chances of heart disease by up to 30%. They also found that the benefits were independent of the type of alcohol. Previously, everyone thought that you had to drink red wine for your health. Sadly, this myth still seems to be pervasive to this day. If I knew where to go to get copies of the studies, I’d provide the links, but you’ll have to dig around if you want them.

Love the show!

Mr. Martini said...

Thanks for the post, Tony. Yes, there's been many studies done over the years and many of them are from Duke University, like the study in 2000 where they show that although alcohol is good for the heart, more than one drink per day for the elderly is dangerous, most likely because of the physiological changes in our older years especially with how much fat we have since alcohol is distributed by body fat.

Honestly, it seems as if there is always a study coming out from somewhere on either the benefit or dangers of alcohol. This is why I just stick with the old rule of moderation in anything you do.

Here's an article from Duke explaining that wine drinkers seem to have more benefits than those who drank harder alcohols but they found that wine drinkers normally ate healthier as well: www.dukehealth.org/articles/20050204102852538

Again, thanks for the post. I enjoy receiving feedback from my listeners. It's the one driving force that keeps me going on this adventure.