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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Episode 021 - Bonus Video Show

Ever wonder why I only do audio? This low quality video show should explain why.

It may be bad but I think I still get my point across. This time I go into how to cut limes two different ways (I have more ways but I'll save those for a better quality video show) and how to do perfect lemon twists. I then do a somewhat okay job of explaining glassware. Yes, the equipment I used isn't made for making video podcasts so I already know that the sound doesn't match my lips. Consider it Kung Fu TV if you will. Finally, I go into how to layer alcohol by doing a Brain Hemorrhage.

I thought long and hard about posting this horribly done video and decided if I could laugh at it then why not let my listeners laugh at it as well. Since I'm already laughing, it means that you won't be laughing at me but with me. Enjoy the show.



tdkme said...

Good video! i am going to make those lemon twists just to put them in every drink possible! This was very good Hope to see more! Thanks for putting this up for everyone to see!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Martini, I thought the video was a good addition to the great audio narrative you present. Personally I always do my twists that way when working (It's quick and easy), but find that a lot of people don't like the pith and I will sometimes use a vegetable peeler to remove very close to the pith but still only removing the zest.


Mr. Martini said...

Oh I agree! A zester with a channel knife is great for whipping out quick twists. I find these fast twists to straighten out pretty quickly and you end up with a lemon "shoe lace" more than a nice spiral. I don't worry too much about the pith on a twist because it's not like I'm going to chew it and it's more for garnish as well as for aroma then it is for flavor.

Don't get me wrong, twisting the lemon skin to release the oils and rubbing it on the rim of the glass is definitely about flavor but it also doesn't involve the pith.

I wasn't quite thrilled with the lemon I used for the video as it really had thick skin but it got the job done.

Mr. Martini said...

When picking lemons to use for garnishing, look at the skin. The smoother the surface the thinner the skin... meaning less pith. If you it has a rough skin (like the one I had in the video) then you can expect a lot of pith.

Te said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for a wonderful addition to your podcast. The only real need for improvement is that for your next video cast, see if you can have the camera pointly directly at you (and RELAX) rather than below you.

As for the content, the showing of bar glasses was actually very helpful. I was delighted to recognize a few glasses I already have and a better understanding of glasses I want to get and why.

The lemon twist was AWESOME! I have 3 lemons sitting in the kitchen now that will be turned into twists in a hurry. Question: How long will the lemon rolls last before being cut? Can they be frozen and thawed? I guess if you were really patient you could do the same to a lime. And now I'm wondering what a blood orange twist would look like!

And most of all, HUGE thanks for showing (and explaining) layering drinks. I immediately saw the biggest mistake I made the one time I tried and failed miserable. I didn't know I was suppose to have the spoon actually tilted and touching the other liquid. The instructions just said to pour the second liquid over the back of the spoon. I can't wait to try this out; I'll let you know how it goes.

Mr. Martini said...

I'm ecstatic you like the video that much, te? Thank you for the comment!

After we did the glassware take and I put the whole video together, I definitely noticed the upward angle. It's just one of my issues with the video. I planned on redoing it a different day but it's been so busy around here, I honestly didn't get a chance. Thus I decided to post this one anyway. Since it seemed to have gone over so well, I may have to plan another one sometime... once I can borrow real gear. I can now learn from my mistakes in this first video.

I'll be honest with you... to keep my lemon twists fresh and from drying out, I roll them up and use them the same day. If there's any left over at the end of the day, they're trash. It's the same with most "cut" garnishes for me.

Now go practice your layering and as soon as you make a pousse cafe, take a picture of it and send it to me. I'll want to see at least 5 layers. :-P

Anonymous said...

Mr Martini- Thanks for the video show! I actually converted your mpeg movie file to make it play on my video iPod.

Gary in Houston

Mr. Martini said...

Well that shows how much I know about doing vodcasts. It went through 3 different formats while I recorded and edited it. I then used an iPod converter so it would work in iPods, which turned it into an MP4.

May I ask what you had to do to the file to get it to work? This would be great to know in case I try video casting again.


Anonymous said...

Mr Martini-

I processed your mp4 file through a freeware program called Videora.

Your original file would only play the audio on my video iPod.

Perhaps my set up is unique. Was any other listener able to watch the origibal file on the video iPod?

Gary in Houston

Mr. Martini said...

Great question. I still have an iPod Mini so I don't do video yet or I could have tested it first. If it wasn't that I just recorded episode 22 I'd mention that question on the show. Hopefully someone responds here or I'll just have to mention it on episode 23.

It could be that the converter program I downloaded and used is just useless. I'll have to look up Videora.

Honestly, I'm just surprised I got some sort of video posted. It was definitely more of a challenge then doing the audio shows.


Micah said...

Sure, the quality was low, but at least I know that I've been cutting my limes incorrectly all these years. For that, thank you!

BTW, I've been into Captain Morgan Tattoo lately, either drinking it straight up or mixed with Diet Coke/Coke Zero. Any other ideas for this particular rum?

Mr. Martini said...

You got me there. I honestly have not tasted Tattoo so I'm not sure if it would be a good replacement for dark rum in drinks like the Tidal Wave or Rum Runner.

I hear it is quite strong so you definitely want to make sure you mix it with something that can stand up to its strong flavor. Mix it with something too weak and it will overpour the rest of the ingredients. Balance is key in any cocktail.

I'll have to get my hands on a bottle and check it out before I could say more.

There are lots of ways to cut lime wedges. Those were just two of my favorite ways of doing it.

Johnny said...

Great Video, very professionally delivered!
It's not quite as bad as you think, but then we are our own worst critics!
Very helpful and imformative, and a good job well done!