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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Episode 026 - Sweet and Sour

The bar is back open!

Thank you for your patience and understanding about me needing to put the show on hold. I promised I wouldn't give up as long as you don't give up on me and here you go, my 26th episode, which is about sweet and sour.

I don't really go into any recipes in this show except that I like to make a limeade by squeezing the juice of a lime into a tall glass and then match the amount of juice with simple syrup. I then put in crushed ice and top the glass with water. Roll it by pouring it into your shaker and then back into your glass. You can do a quick lemonade by doing the same thing with the juice of half a lemon.

Enjoy the show!


Pizmeyre said...

Great to hear you again.

Brennan said...

I went to skagway on a cruise and went to the red onion.it was crowded but it was great!especially the winter lager. i have one question though.i live in Leesburg VA and was wondering your favorite bar in the NoVA area.love the show, thanks

Mr. Martini said...

Thank you for the message, pizmeyre.

Brennan, I'm glad to hear you liked the winter lager. It's a very interesting beer since it is brewed with spruce tip. The place was quite crowded while we were there as well... since three cruise ships just docked.

I've never been to Leesburg, VA and I've only driven through VA so I'm afraid I don't know of any of the bars there. I'm always up for recommendations so if you have some favorites that really appreciate great classic cocktails then let me know. We can put a posting on our Frappr Map.