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Friday, June 08, 2007

Looking for the bitters I mention in the show?

Okay, now for a bit of advertising:

You've heard me speak about Angostura bitters, Peychaud bitters, Fee Brothers orange bitters and Regan's orange bitters. Many have asked me where they can find these. Well, if you do not have a specialty wine/liquor store near you that carries these products (some of which are extremely hard to find) then may I recommend clicking on the advertising banner at the top of my webpage for Kegworks.com. I have had the pleasure speaking to the owner of that company and these are really great people. If you go to their Cocktail Mixers page you can find all these bitters mentioned and then you can have them shipped right to you. Why not grab the mint bitters and see what it does to a mojito!

Go for it and enjoy those cocktails made properly... with bitters!


OddAngelCharon said...

Hey there~

It's show season at last and we've still found a way to take a well-stocked bar with us on the road. It fits nicely on the counter in the Airstream and allows easy service to company under the awning.

We've missed you! Your podcast gives us ideas for how to celebrate connecting with friends at our next stop, wherever that may be.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying your cocktail of choice.


C* (who is still looking for Qi in her neck of the woods ... )

Mr. Martini said...

Hey Charon,

I spoke to the owner of Qi Spirits and found out that they are not yet available in Washington, DC. The red tape there is incredible. They're currently only available in California, New York and Georgia.

Let me know if you're interested in ordering a bottle online. I may know of a place that would let you do that. :)