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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BAD NEWS! No more 206-9-The-Bar

I'm sorry to say I lost the 206-9-The-Bar voice line. It seems the "free" service I was using has stopped allowing users to search for vanity numbers so I'm unable to reapply for that exact number. This company removes your account and takes back the phone number if it goes 30 days without use, which is exactly what happened to my number. I just didn't receive enough calls.

I'll be getting a new number shortly but unfortunately, it will be just some random number unless I can find something else.

For now, continue to send in your comments via email to behindthebarshow@gmail.com.


1 comment:

Debra said...

You might want to try a Skype-In number, which includes voicemail. It's $60/year and doesn't depend one how many phone calls you get. A little more expensive is eFax at $20/mo , but you can get both voicemail and faxes sent to the line.