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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sobieski Vodka

I normally don't put brand recommendations on my website even if I mention them in my show but I do want to mention Sobieski Vodka here mostly because I did a horrible job pronouncing it on my 50th episode. I pronounced it as Sobieska, which is completely incorrect.

Most of you know I'm not much of a vodka drinker. I tend to lean towards spirits that carry with them more flavor of where they came from. Still, many great cocktails out there are made with vodka and it is one of the leading base spirits selling anywhere. That said, I'd like to mention a brand that has recently grabbed my attention, not only for its smooth taste but for its price as well. I've been leaning towards Absolut and Hangar One when it came to using vodka in cocktails. Now that I found Sobieski, it's definitely going to be a vodka poured in my home bar for making mixed drinks. I did a blind taste test with friends between Sobieski, Absolut and Hangar One and Sobieski was picked each time.

Sobieski is a Polish vodka made from rye. I've found it at Beverages & More for $13.99 for a 750 ml bottle while Absolut is around $21 and other "premium" brands like Grey Goose almost $30 per bottle. For the price, it's worth a try. If you do try it, let me know what you think.

Let me also take this opportunity to ask this question of my listeners. I haven't done many product reviews. Is this something you would like to see more of or do you think this show shouldn't have any product reviews at all? I'd like to get a feel for what my listeners would like or not like to be on my website and/or podcast since, after all, the show is for all of you.

Thanks and Cheers!
Mr. Martini

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