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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episode 052 - Drink Type Part One

Hello everyone! I'm back with another episode. This is the first of two episodes all on drink types. In this episode I speak about the following drink types: cobbler, julep, sour, collins, fizz, cocktail, cooler, crusta, punches and cups.

You can be sure I'm already working on episode 53, which will be "drink types part two" and I should have it ready to post in early January.

Tim Morrison (Mr. Martini)


GeoTeamFitz said...

Thanks for the new show and the mention. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next episode. Dennis

BkfstDinnerMan said...

Good to have you back. For some reason on my Ipod it said the show date was 10-18 and not 12-18. Ready to listen again........

Mr. Martini said...

OOPS! You're right. The xml file for the RSS feed had it for Oct instead of December. Thanks for the catch.