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Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 056 - Stay Fresh

Hello all and welcome to my 56th episode of Behind The Bar Show. I've received a lot of questions about keeping ingredients fresh like simple syrup, citrus garnish and juices, vermouth, etc. Well this episode was created to fulfill this topic. Hopefully you find it entertaining and informative at the same time. Be sure to listen all the way through to hear one of my favorite home-made spice filled grenadine that will knock your socks off. After making, smelling and tasting this stuff, you'll NEVER go back to that nasty chemical laden bright red junk sold in stores again.

During this episode I also talk about a wonderful new website called Nirvino. I wanted to link to it here so you can all go take a look. Be sure to add me as a drinking partner after signing up. It's FREE to join! My username is MrMartini, of course.

Nirvino is a wonderful website that's kind of like Yelp but for rating wines and cocktails at specific cocktail bars. You can keep up with your friends on Nirvino to see where they're out drinking and to look at reviews based on cocktails and bars in your area.

Remember, I love feedback. Be sure to email me your comments, questions, favorite cocktail recipes, anything at behindthebarshow@gmail.com. If you're on Facebook, search for behindthebarshow@gmail.com and be sure to add me. I use Facebook extensively to keep personal contact with my listeners so you always have a voice in what's happening on the show.

Enjoy this 56th episode. Now I'm off to start working on the 57th. With a bit of luck, it might have a special guest.

Tim Morrison (Mr. Martini)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loved the show. Nice information citrus and herbs. My local supermarket carries a line of herbs which actually is the whole plant, roots, soil and all in a plastic pack which you take home and keep in the fridge. Haven't tried transplanting it yet, but it seems as if it may work.