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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New voice number for listener feedback

I'm happy to say I was finally able to get a Google Voice account and will now be able to accept calls for listener feedback again. If you've listened to my old episodes you know I used to have the number, 206-9-THE-BAR, but that number went bye-bye. I was using a voicemail service out of Seattle that would send the messages to my email address as WAV files. The service was great but if I didn't get a message in 30 days, the account would automatically be closed. During one of my long vacations, it seems my subscribers didn't want to call during that time and 30 days came and went. I lost the number and when I went back to the site to try and get it back, they removed their "Vanity Number" feature.

I've been distraught over losing that number since then but no more. I have what I believe to be a BETTER number, thanks to Google Voice. Not only can you now call and leave me a voice message with your comments, questions, complaints, recipes, etc, you can also text message the number as well. Take these are more options for sending me feedback to tell me how my show is going.

Just remember: If you send me a voice message, I reserve the right to play it on my show. :)


1 (559) 933-7465

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