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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 063 - Strainers

It's been a long time in the works but here is the third installment to my Bar Tools Series:

Episode 063 - Strainers

On this episode I discuss the Hawthorn strainer, Julep strainer and the double strainer. In the part one and two of the Bar Tools series we were shaking and stirring water. This time, we make cocktails! For the julep strainer portion we make a classic Martini and for the Hawthorn strainer (as well as the bonus double strainer) we shake an Aviation.

A winner was chosen for the "favorite quote section" and the winners are Stefan and Christoph from Frankfurt, Germany. If you understand German and want to hear another podcast on cocktails, check out their Cocktail Podcast: http://cocktailpodcast.de. Congrat's guys and thanks for the great video!

Even though I picked a winner for Episode 063, that doesn't mean I don't want any more videos. If you'd like to make a video of yourself showing your favorite cocktail and giving your favorite cocktail related famous quote, make the video a minute or less and email it to behindthebarshow@gmail.com. There are more video installments coming for the Bar Tools series and I might use your video next.

Until next episode, enjoy!

Tim Morrison (Mr. Martini)

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