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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Episode 064 - Juicer

Boy, do I need a drink! It's been extremely busy around here. I'm making major changes in my life. I'm leaving San Francisco and moving back to the Orlando, Florida area. Now to find a bar tending job there.

My SF home may have been sold but before putting it up on the market, I quickly recorded video for Episode 64 and Episode 65. With all that's been going on I haven't gotten around to editing the videos... until now. So here you go! Episode 064 - Juicer.

Now here's the deal. I didn't do a lot of planning for this episode. I figured I would try just winging it and say whatever came to my mind. Now that I watch this video I realized I pretty much turned it into a bitch fest. Yeah, the video is 2/3 me complaining about things that irritate me about juicing and recipes talking about the "juice of a lemon" but I promise by the end of the video I finally get around to showing you the juicer.

Hey Mr. Martini. What's up with one video a year? Okay, I hope to be able to spend more time working on Behind The Bar Show now. I can definitely promise you the next video, Episode 065 - Muddler, will be coming out very soon. Why can I say that? Because I already finished it. Not only will it be on the Muddler but it we'll finally put everything we learned and make a cocktail. Keep an eye out for it. I should be out sometime next month. I'm waiting until I finish the move to Florida.

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