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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Episode 65 - Muddler

Hello fellow cocktail enthusiasts! Well, we did it! We moved to Florida. I may be in my new home but as mentioned during the last post, I already recorded episode 65 in my old place before selling it... and here it is!

In this episode, we'll talk about the muddler as well as put everything we've learned together to create a wonderful summertime drink perfect for poolside. I mean, hey, I'm in Florida now. There will be a lot more cocktails poolside for me.

I think after this one I'm going to go back to doing audio episodes. I've also thought of alternating between audio episodes on a specific topic and video episodes focusing on a specific cocktail recipe. What do you think? Email me and let me know. Feel free to give me topics you'd like to hear on an audio episode or drink recipes you'd like me to make on a video episode. If there are more bar tools you'd like me to do an episode on, let me know that too.


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